South of Spain


People with a passion for travelling the world usually love or would love to visit Spain. There’s so much culture and attraction in Spain that it makes it a highly desirable place to vacation. In large opinion, the southern region of Spain has some of the best cities for tourists with the most vacationed location being Andalucia. Andalucia has such a charm and magical presence that it envelops while you’re there. Some of the other greatest cities to visit are Granada, Seville, Malaga, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Cordoba, and Ronda.

The great thing about travelling to southern Spain that makes it stand out is that there are so many opportunities to experience the atmosphere from a local aspect and not just the cliché tourist side. Often times when we vacation we stay in mainstream hotels and participate in activities that are attractive to tourists. In southern Spain there are opportunities to do things as the locals experience them, them enjoying the historical bull fights or residing in smaller, yet stunning, hotels, and even experiencing the local cuisine. There are still the traditional options available for tourists as well.

In Spain there are so many attractions and things to do that will fill up many days of a vacation there. If you’re into historical site seeing the cathedrals, palaces, and roman ruins are a few things that you must check out while you’re there. The past Roman and Moorish influences are very apparent in present day Spain, attributing to the immense cultural experience that is to be experienced. There is also a lot of great shopping in Spain. The Spanish style is very unique and makes for endless enjoyable shopping trips! There are also great places to visit like the beaches of Malaga on Costa Del Sol, east of Gibralter, which is also the birthplace of Picasso which is a pretty exciting piece of history.

So start the new year by dusting off your passport, packing up the kids, and traveling to the south of Spain. Regardless of your budget or what kind of activities that you are looking to get into, south of Spain will most definitely have whatever it is that you’re looking for! And for those who would like a more structured itinerary for their trip, there are endless options that you can find online regarding other ideas for entertainment while vacationing in the south of Spain.


Happy travels!

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